Weblogic to JBoss migration

Steps > Code changes

  • removed weblogic dependent code in JMS related code
  • fixed some EJB violations. weblogic was lenient in not reporting these errors
  • changed INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY value to org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory. We made it a parameter so the code could work with both weblogic and Jboss
  • made the datasource name a parameter (JBoss uses a value like java:/coolAppDataSource)
  • made the user transaction name a parameter. weblogic uses javax.transaction.UserTransaction. JBoss uses just UserTransaction
  • JBoss uses lookup URLs like jnp:// for a single node or jnp://, for a cluster
  • updated EJB xml files

Steps > Build changes

  • changed build script to use these jars - jboss-j2ee.jar, javax.servlet.jar instead of weblogic jar. These jars are in client folder of JBoss installation.
  • removed use of weblogic ejbc/appc utility in build script. JBoss does not require this step

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